Desire Map Soul Journey


Manifest Your Desires | 12 Week Private Desire Map Experience

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Desire Map Soul Journey
A 12 Week Private Desire Map Experience!

Desire Map Soul Journey

You are about to make an extraordinary step towards four weeks to take charge of your life, so you can get clear on what you desire and need and take action to feel fabulous again in your body, mind and soul! It’s time to bring sexy empowerment and mental clarity back in your life, awaken the senses and feel ALIVE!

This email is all about prepping for you for this program so that our time together will be super valuable for you.

Together we will work to create the desire-based goals you set into existence for yourself and your life, and design an action plan that you can start and begin seeing almost immediate results.

This program is for you if you:

Feel stagnant or stuck in life, and don’t know what or how to move past it. This program teaches you the secret reason WHY you’re stuck and how to break through your blocks. Are a busy woman, and feel like there’s never time for yourself. This program teaches how to break the addiction to busyness and prioritize self-care, putting YOU FIRST. Are constantly on the go, and forgot what it feels like to truly RELAX. This program teaches how to enjoy SLOW DOWN and enjoy a deeper level of relaxation.

Grew up with a religious upbringing, but feel curious about your spirituality. This program introduces spiritual concepts you can embrace, to make your religious experience more rich and fulfilling. Feel disconnected or shut off from your true self. This program teaches you how to connect with your soul (your higher self), listen to your intuition (our internal GPS) to navigate the paths of life. Would like to feel passion and fire again. This program teaches you how to reignite the fire within you. Have lost your desire to try anything new.

This program will inspire and motivate you to be more bold and courageous, and have more confidence to go for what you really want in life.. Want to stop feeling powerless. This program teaches how to tap into your inner power as a woman.

You WILL leave this experience with tools for female empowerment!

During the Manifest Your Desires | 12 Week Private Desire Map Experience, you will:

EXPLORE your Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) – a blueprint for making fulfilling life decisions aligned with what your soul truly craves. ASSESS & REDESIGN your life through two areas of life: Primary and Secondary Foods. Primary Food includes all the non-food ways we nourish ourselves: Career, Relationships, Spiritual Life, Social Life, Physical Activity, and Play. Secondary Foods includes everything we feed our physical bodies: Fruit and Vegetables, Protein, Healthy Fats, etc. TAP INTO YOUR ALCHEMY. You’ll do a fun exercise that reveals your true essence, and affirm what really lights your fire. DISCOVER YOUR DIVINE FEMININE.

You’ll explore the natural feminine parts of you, learn how to balance the yin and yang between feminine and masculine energy in a modern society. GET CLEAR on what’s keeping you stuck. RELEASE false or limiting beliefs. FEARLESSLY CONNECT to what your soul truly desires, and learn how to weave these desires into your every day life.

JOIN a modern tribe of similar soul-centered women, and make connections that can last a lifetime. EMPOWER yourself with a life redesign system and Modern Goddess Life Toolkit you can use for the rest of your life.

Together, you and I will create a safe, sacred, intimate space for us to connect, and create opportunities for you to connect with your higher self, and align in all areas of your life, Body+Mind+Soul.


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