Why You Need a Chiropractor…NOW!

Why You Need a Chiropractor…NOW!

Do You Have Good Bone Health?

If you said yes, is that a guess, or do you know for sure? Because I found out this week that my bones are in a bit of trouble. Scary, but I’m so glad I found out now, rather than later.

Here’s the story: I have had a severe pain in my neck for over a week now.  As a holistic health coach and trained yoga instructor, I was doing all the right things, or so I thought. But after the pain became worse and turned into a full-blown back spasm, I was forced to look deeper. When the body talks, we MUST listen! And I did. I realized it had been a few months into the 24/7 sciatic nerve pain (completely unrelated to the surgery I had last year) I had been experiencing, and I admitted: I needed professional help, STAT!

So I went to see a chiropractor.

And I’m so glad I did! Not only did I get to the root of my neck and back pain, but my new chiropractor, Dr. Lindy M Johnson of In-Line Chiropractic in Cypress, TX, had an actual conversation with me. You know, the kind where you actually talk about your life, get emotional, and the other person looks you in the eye with empathy, mutual respect, and offers encouragement? Yep, that really happened.

Me and my chiro-doctor, having a real live chat about my life. I told her about how I’ve had mysterious aches and pains for a while now.  She listened intently.  Then Dr. Lindy told me something that opened up Heaven’s Pearly Gates to my heart and soul: she said she really likes to get to the root of the issue with her patients. She doesn’t just treat the symptoms, she wants her patients to get WELL. She told me, “Venus, you’re in your prime of your life! You don’t have time for neck and back pain!” {Amen, 2 Soul Sistah finger snaps, and several high fives to you, Dr. Lindy!}

Damnit, I agree! Heck, I’m 41, and I’m with Dr, Lindy on this: a woman’s prime is in her 40s – 60s, maybe even up to her 70s!

I have too much living to do – no time for neck pain, back spasms, and sciatic nerve flare ups every time I want to work out. I’m a Modern Goddess mentally, emotionally, spiritually, but truth is, my body has felt out of whack for some time now. It seemed every time I would try to work out, some muscle would scream bloody murder. I began to wonder, along with my holistic health coach friends, if I was subconsciously doing this to myself, even after all the mind+body+spirit work I have been doing. And that made me sad. Well, after my visit today with Dr. Lindy, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is…I WAS doing more damage every time I worked out. It didn’t matter whether it was yoga, walking, cardio with my favs Jillian Michaels, Rodney Yee, Sean Corn, or Shaun T Insanity (via DVD or iTunes), or whether I just sat at my desk working all day long. The fact is, my neck is more straight than curved, and that’s not normal. My spine and shoulders are out of alignment too. And Dr. Lindy says these young bones of mine were only going to get worse. (gulp.) Makes perfect sense to me, as I’ve had a few physically traumatic incidents in life, including really bad bicycle and car accidents.

Every time I stood or sat, it put a constant strain and pressure on my spinal cord. And that just created a domino effect of all kinds of nasty.

This made my muscles really frustrated…and even angry at times.  You already know this: anger is such a low vibration emotion.  Have you ever been frustrated after trying everything you know, after giving it your all, but still feel like you’re getting nowhere? No matter what I tried, whether is was warming up, stretching, using essential oils, sitting in a sea salt or apple cider vinegar whirlpool bath, or getting a massage, meditating, self-reiki, although I would feel better for a while, nothing lasted.

But I wouldn’t give up. I kept on trying, searching, looking for a way to get my body back into balance, feel strong, and release the aches and pains.

Remember that AAA quote about doing the same thing over and over again, how that’s the definition of insanity?

Yep, that was me. AND…despite my natural “happy go lucky” demeanor, you can guess what a Crabby Patty I must have turned into at times.  Thanks Hubby for being there for me, for all your wonderful back rubs, I promise to make it up to you! 🙂

The GOOD news?

Because I reached out for help to my amazing soul sister tribe of women friends (who encouraged me to see a chiropractor),  it led me a great meeting and life intervention with my new chiropractor, Dr. Lindy.  I have affirmation that my subconscious is all good. And Dr. Lindy says my condition is completely reversible, but it will take aggressive approach: several treatments per week until we see results, then scale it down to 1-2 treatments per month. I will need a lifetime of chiropractor visits to keep my bones in good shape from now on. And you know what? That’s just fine with me. So, you may be asking, what does this all mean for you?

Why did I share this experience?

Well, the moral of my story is, I don’t want you to suffer needlessly as I did. I probably could have resolved this long ago. But for whatever reason, it didn’t click to go see a chiropractor. The way I see it is, just like we need dentists for strong, long-lasting, healthy teeth, we all need a good chiropractor’s care to make sure we have good bone health. Poor alignment, nerve issues, headaches, stress on our spinal cord, back pain, all these things can manifest in so many ways, and instead of just treating it with guesswork (like me), you really deserve to get to the root of the issue quickly, so your body can heal itself.

There’s no need to suffer or put your health at risk by taking toxic pain killers, if there’s a healthier remedy. If you have never seen a chiropractor, I highly recommend you schedule an appointment today!

I’d LOVE to hear from you! Do you have a horror story like me, where you endure pain and then a heavenly chiropractor arrived with shiny stars, pink bubbles, and unicorns, gave you an alignment, and made all your aches and pains go away? Also, if you enjoyed this story and think you know someone who will love it too, please pass it on. My neck and back thank you! (Imagine me bowing gracefully – and painlessly.)


5 Ways to Feel Like Beyonce Everyday

5 Ways to Feel Like Beyonce Everyday

Don’t let the media fool you. Not everyone needs to know what Beyonce wore to dinner last night, what brand shampoo Katy Perry washes her hair  with, and where Jennifer Lopez vacations. (Well, I might be only vaguely interested in the vacation part – wink.)  This is not valuable information when it comes to our lives, our values, our happiness, and how we feel from day to day.

If magazines, social media, and the internet were any indication of where we put our values, it would seem we’re all obsessed with the extravagant lifestyles of celebrities, or the rich and famous. I can’t remember the last time I scanned through Facebook or Pinterest, or even CNN, without some mention of a famous celebrity – who’s getting married, who’s having a baby, who’s breaking up.  What is the fascination with celebrities?  And more importantly, how does it make you feel? Do you find yourself fantasizing about how celebrities live, or do you find yourself comparing their quality of life to yours? How is comparisonitis (a fake word I just made up, for the act of constantly compare one’s self to others) working out for you?

There is a better way.

Instead of obsessing over the glamorous lifestyles of movie stars and models, and feeling like your life is shitty in comparison, try the following ideas on how to feel good about your life.  Once you incorporate this new perspective in your life repeatedly, you may even begin to feel like you’re the superstar of YOUR life, every day! Soon you’ll stop comparing your boring, drab life to celebrities, because you’ll be completely engaged in your life – you are the “Beyonce” or “Lady Gaga” of your world!

1. Clear the White Noise
Ditch the social gossip websites, unsubscribe, hide, delete, block – whatever it takes to disconnect from the white noise that feeds into the hype and lures you into comparisonitis. Stop reading gossip magazines, and instead, visit the Self-Help or Spiritual section of the bookstore. I’ve curated a selection of great books that inspire your inner Modern Goddess.

2. Identify Your Core Values
 Get clear on your core values. What is the absolute MUST HAVE for your complete happiness? What are the base requirements and nice to haves (think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs meets Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map)? Write them down, post them on a wall where you can see them every day.

Sample core values and desired feelings: abundance of money/joy/time/love, clear mind, relaxed, calm, excitement, authenticity, empowered, aligned, connected to the present, freedom, spontaneous, feminine energy, generous, gratitude. I’ll share a few of my core values:  for my complete and sheer happiness, and for me to feel like I’m a superstar of my life, I must feel immersed in beauty (I love the beach, mountains, the forest, pink and white decor, a clean home, fresh flowers, uncluttered office space), be able to luxuriate in my five senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing (I play jazz music when I cook, and use fresh herbs and produce when I cook), and I also have a portion  of unstructured, spontaneous time in my day to get quiet, meditate, and tap into my 6th sense: my intuition. I give myself reiki energy healing everyday to keep my chakras clear, I use essential oils, candles, and incense to enhance my meditations experience and really dial up the intensity of indulging in sight, smell, etc.

Hint: core values isn’t something you DO, rather, is something that you FEEL or something you want to BE.
Tip: Speak them loud and clear. Make them your mantra to live by. Decide they are your birthrights, and you don’t have to earn them, you have a right to feel this way every day of your life. Expect to attract these things, places, or feelings in your life.

3. Protect and Defend
Get clear on what your core values are, and refuse to compromise them. If having 6-8 hours of sleep is an absolute requirement for your health and happiness, let nothing stop you from getting the rest you need. If you know you get cranky in noisy, crowded places, or if you’re an Empath like me, and you know certain people (I call them Energy Vampires) drain your energy, avoid them at all costs. I have certain “friends” and family that I keep at a safe perimeter of my life.

I’ve chosen to love them at a safe distance, because their energy is such an energetic drain to me, and I value having a high level of positive, high vibration energy.
Other core values might be reciprocity in relationships, trust among friends, integrity in business dealings, peace, moments of solitude for meditation. Think about how you want to feel on a day-to-day basis. What feelings are non-negotiable for your base level of happiness? Now turn up the volume on this level of happiness you’re willing to accept in your life. This could give you insight to your core values. Protect and defend these core values just like you imagine your favorite celebrity would if it were them!

4. Make Everyday Special

We feel down when we feel like we have no control to change what is our life. We feel happy when we feel empowered to change and make things better. You CAN change your life, instantly! Here’s one great way to feel empowered immediately and feel like a celebrity in your life: Don’t save the expensive perfume, wine, fresh flowers, outfits, or jewelry for certain times of the year like holidays or birthdays. Make every day special: wear your BEST outfits like today is special. Why? Because when you look great, you send your brain a message, and your brain then tells you that you FEEL GREAT. When you dress in old gym sweats, granny panties, and ugly socks, I guarantee the way you’re dressed is sending your brain mixed messages, and you won’t feel great! So Dress UP like TODAY is a SPECIAL DAY, even if no one else will see you. Rinse and repeat every day! Take time for you with a chapter of a good book, enroll in a fun class like yoga, cooking, art, break out the good china, nice tablecloth, use the special wine glasses, even for plain water. (Or make plain water special by adding fresh cut fruit or herbs like mint or basil.) Everyday, decide THIS day is special, and treat it as if it were a special day, because it is…it’s the PRESENT, a gift to you!

5. Don’t Be A Martyr

Somehow, somewhere down the road of life, something bad or even devastating happened like a bad romance, losing a friend, or death in the family, and in some way, you may have accepted pain or misery as a part of life. In some ways, this is true: pain is a part of life. A part of the human experience is to feel pain and suffering, because like TEDTalk public speaker and author Brené Brown says on Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays, pain is the best teacher. For some reason, we learn life lessons best after experiencing things we DON’T like, like a heartbreak after a romance ends, a car accident, or an embarrassing moment. But I believe we also have the power of choice, and we can CHOOSE to experience life, for the most part, through a graceful flow of ease, happiness, and joy. I believe we can also learn our life lessons without pain, that we can CHOOSE happiness over sadness. I believe emotions are a choice.

Brene says on Spirituality & Health Magazine:

“The overwhelming message in our culture today is that an ordinary life is a meaningless life unless you are grabbing a lot of attention and you have lots of Twitter followers and Facebook fans who know everything you know. I use the shame-based fear of being ordinary as my definition for narcissism. I definitely see it in younger generations, where people fear they are not big enough. No matter how happy and fulfilling their small, quiet life is, they feel it must not mean very much, because it’s not the way people are measuring success. Which is just terrifying.” – See more here.

You Can Decide to Live a High Vibrational Life

If one day you wake up sad, Brene would have you accept that sadness as vulnerability. She writes and speaks about the power in giving ourselves permission to be vulnerable. I agree with her that there is strength in being vulnerable. I also feel at that moment, we must also take decisive action when we feel low vibration emotions (like anger, jealousy, sadness) – we must recognize the emotion as low vibration, and decide in that moment to CHOOSE a higher vibration emotion, like joy, love, gratitude, and take decisive action to support that positive emotion.

Then watch as the domino affect happen in your life – instead of choosing to be a marty and suffer in life, you choose to live your life like a superstar, what that image represents for you, in terms of your core values. Then as you begin to make the shift towards deciding to BE happy and indulge in your core values, you attract MORE of the same: you become a magnet for more love, more joy, more abundance, more freedom, etc. You become the Beyonce of YOUR LIFE. No need to compare, no need to keep track of what celebrities are doing, because your life is holding all of your attention, and your needs are being fulfilled. Your life holds meaning, and your full attention.

I’ll offer myself as an example:  I am a native Texan. I grew up in Houston, TX, but now live in Cypress with my husband. I love Texas, and I think Houston and Cypress are great places to live. The cities have a lot to offer for growing families. Our two sons went to school here, but have now grown up and moved away.  Although my husband and I enjoy having an empty home here, we are entertaining the idea of selling the house and becoming Digital Nomads, moving from place to place until we find a new city to settle in and call home. For me, that means LOTS of time near clean beaches, or natural lakes with crystal clear or blue water. 

Until then, I still deal with things I don’t love. Summer heat and humidity. Mosquitos. Restaurants that love to put cheese and bacon on everything (I’m extremely dairy-sensitive and I don’t eat pork). Bad hair days. (Thank you The Dry Bar for helping me stay cute!) In spite of these things, I still make it a high priority to live like a Modern Goddess, an ideal which represents living gracefully through life, empowered, with gratitude, feeling beautiful, feeling my divine feminine energy, and taking positive action to support, protect, and defend my core values in this lifetime. We travel whenever we can, or at least take weekend trips when possible. I cook (dairy-free, gluten-free, pork-free) at home as much as possible, I use essential oils and take a raw Vitamin B to keep mosquitoes at away, and I do whatever it takes to make my remaining time here enjoyable. 

I am mindful of what I expose myself to on social media, with my social circle, and even music I listen to. I refuse to listen to music with lyrics (especially a lot of pop or rap music) that I feel are low vibration or are demeaning to women. I strive everyday to keep my eyes on my path, and not compare myself with others. I avoid people that always complain, so that low vibration energy doesn’t rub off on me. I protect and defend my core values, even if it means doing a social purge, letting certain people, places and or things go. I make my happiness my highest priority, because I can do more in life from a place of happiness, than I can feeling down and unempowered.

So, I’d love to hear from you. How do you live in a celebrity-obsessed world, and maintain balance by avoiding self-comparison? How do you protect your core values? What do you do to be the superstar or Modern Goddess in your life?